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Grainy Surface

Client:  Can you provide me with an estimate to paint my kitchen?

Commercial Finishing:  No, let us tell you why...


Commercial Finishing only uses the finest European water based lacquer for all its projects. The lacquer we use could never be confused with paint.

When you decide to finish refinish or restore any of the architectural woodwork in your home or your business, the following will explain why lacquer is your best option.

 Commercial Finishing uses the finest European water based lacquer for all its projects, the lacquer we use could never be confused with paint. 

 Lacquer can be clear, and used over a stain color that you choose, or it can be custom mixed to any color you desire for your project.

Lacquer is formulated to be used on many surfaces, it is chip resistant, waterproof and breathable.

A custom sheen is another unique quality that lacquer offers for our clients. Depending upon your project we can offer a sleek matte finish or a luxurious high gloss.

The durability of lacquer also makes it easy to clean.

Lacquer is an investment in your project, wether it be your home or business.

A project completed with paint may be less expensive but you will find that the spectacular end result of using lacquer; how it looks, how it feels and its protected durability, far outweigh the fact that lacquer comes at a higher price point than paint.

While there are varieties of lacquer products on the market,

Commercial Finishing only uses a water based lacquer that is more environmentally friendly, with low VOC's.

The consistency of lacquer is thinner than other options, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the working surface providing a durable seal that protects your project for many years.

You won't experience any lingering smells or hazardous fumes while we work in your home or business.

 Kitchen Color Transformations - Luxury Hotels &Catering spaces - Artistry in Hand Drawn Wood Species Correction - Architectural Details

New/Post Construction Punch List - Grand Entrances - Exquisite Staircase - Historical Projects

For over 30 years Commercial Finishing has been completing projects using a rich European water based lacquer.

We are a talented team that works on-site in your home or business.

Please see our About Us page to see the array of clients and projects we can complete.

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